First As-Safa Virtual Seminar/Workshop

As-Safa is cordially inviting you to its first virtual Seminar which is scheduled to hold as described on the poster above.

Short Biography of the Speaker

Dr Nor Azian has over 30 years of experience at secondary and tertiary educational levels as a teacher, researcher, manager and consultant. Her professional training and research have been in the areas of Educational Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction, Teachers’ Training & Professional Development, and Educational Program Development. 

She acquired her doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Wales at Cardiff, United Kingdom in 1999 and her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Southern California at Los Angeles, California, United States in 1986.

She has worked as a lecturer and assumed deanship positions at the International Islamic University Malaysia (1992-2013), University College Sendayu International (UCSI) (2013-2018 at IIUM 6), and Al-Madinah University Malaysia (2018-2020).

Her long-term tenure at IIUM exposed her to various in-house trainings in the Islamization of Knowledge, specifically in the area of her own speciallization, Educational Psychology. She attended various workshops and seminars at the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC). The trainings gave her great opportunities to compare Western and Islamic worldviews on Psychology and on Education. She gained valuable knowledge of Islamic Science developed by renown Islamic scholars such as Tan Sri Professor Syed Muhammad Naquip Al-Attas, Professor Dr Arparslan Acikgenc, Professor Emeritus Mahmood Zuhdi Abd Majid, Professor Dr. Rosnani Hashim, Professor Emeritus Hassan Langgulung (Rahmatullah), Professor Dr. Malik Badri and many others. Due to these experiences, Dr. Nor Azian was entrusted to teach Advance Psychology courses to postgraduate students at IIUM and later at Al-Madinah University, focussing specifically on the comparison between the Western and Islamic worldviews in Psychology and in Education. She was also given the responsibility to establish a Student Learning Center that specializes in the improvement of student academic performance through the enhancement of motivation and learning efficiency skills. She has also written and presented academic papers at local and international seminars and conferences and provided trainings and workshops for teachers in schools and government organisations in Malaysia.